Friday, May 30, 2008

Nothing in this life that is worth having comes easy

I was watching an episode from Scrubs and Dr Kelso said this line "Nothing in this life that is worth having comes easy" and I can relate to that. Maybe just being at this stage in life makes me ponder more about where I'm headed and the path that I want to take in life.

University life is finally coming to an end. No more lectures and tutorials, assignments and projects and exams and tests. But there also be no more chit-chatting and gossiping between classes, yumcha session, late night conversation over YM trying to figure out how to solve an assignment question, and no more hanging out with my bunch great and awesome friends that have been with me for the past four years. Everyone is heading back to their hometown and going on their separate ways to fulfill their needs and dreams in life.

But it don't have to end like this. With today's technology, we can still keep in contact with each other. Though it may not be same as last time, but at least we will be hanging on our precious friendships. So keep in touch ya...

Take care and always strive for your dreams and don't let the fear and uncertainty stop you from chasing that dream. I will always believe in each and every one of you and I'll stand by you always. Good luck and be happy always. Take care and always keep in touch.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl: Review of MDG Season 1

So Malaysian Dreamgirl has finally come to an end. There's been up and down, drama and tears, back-stabbing and bitching. That's what makes reality series interesting and worth watching. I bet by now, everyone has already heard about the results and our first Malaysian Dreamgirl is Cindy. I'm not going to dedicate this article to her because there's already too many blog entried covering that, be it good or bad.

Anyway, since this is going to be my last entry about MDG Season 1, I think it would be best to write a simple review of what I think about this show and maybe throw in some suggestions at the end.

Basically, this is what I think about the show:

  • It's been a great first try on making an online reality show. Kudos to Capxion Media on making this possible but there's still room for improvement.

  • The editting and production has been choppy and there's certain part of the show that drags a bit too longer and this can be annoying and throw ppl off.

  • Recently I realised that not all episode parts are uploaded at the same time and some parts are missing as well. Since I do not know the total number of parts for that particular episode since it's not fixed, there's occasion where I missed out on some of the episodes.

  • The challenges are way too simple and does not really seem like challenges at all. They are just like simple exercises and the girl with the nicest homework gets the prize. Hohum....

  • The judges and Sazzy are not really that involved in the show. There should be more interaction and more input from the judges instead of just Sazzy giving comments on elimination day.

Hmmmm.....that's about all I think. And now for some suggestions:

  • Include subtitles throughout the show, not only when the girls speak in chinese. As this is an online show, ppl from around the world and watch this and some may not understand Malay and even the English that is used in the show.

  • Make sure that each part of the episodes is only showing a particular event/occasion. There's been improvement in terms of this and I'm really happy but as I said, there's still room for improvement.

  • Increase the difficulty of the challenges. Or maybe even invite individuals from the fashion industry to give the challenges and judged them.

  • As for the third point given above, maybe include an indicator of the total number of parts for that particular episode (eg. (1/7) letting us know that there's a total of 7 parts)

  • The episodes should include feedback and opinions from the judges about the pictures that have been taken instead of just from Sazzy. Maybe show the photoshoot and the judges' comments on Thursday and the elimination on Saturday so that the audience get to know how the professionals in the industry think about those pictures. Better yet if the Thursday episode is brought forward to Tuesday so they will have more time to view the episodes and to cast their votes.

  • Based on the dissatisfaction regarding the final winner, I suggest that the judging method by changed. Instead of purely based on SMS votes, take into consideration the judges' point of view as well. Maybe 70% SMS and the other 30% from the judges. Or the judges choose the bottom 3 and the audience vote on who they want to give a second chance to. This way, it will be fairer and will certainly bring up the standard of the girls. Essentially this show is about choosing a potential model, not the next prom queen. So it shouldn't be based on popularity votes alone.

  • I think another judge should be chosen to replace Kenny Sia. Someone from the fashion and modelling industry or maybe a guest judge for every episode/week. This way we will get better feedback and opinions. Kenny is just there to boost the popularity of the show since he's a celebrity blogger. No offense but he's not professional and as we have seen during the auditions, he's just a normal hot-blooded male and like Elaine Daly said, he's choosing his own dreamgirl instead of those with modelling potential (I hope his fans don't flame me for this).

I'm done blabbling. I think that's about all. And I agree with what Valerie said, despite what the rest have said about this show and their intention about boycotting this show, I think in end they will still tuned in to find out how the second season differs from the first.

So I hope I'll see improvements in terms of the production and the standard of the girls as well in the second season.

P.S. Von Jolly's dresses are GORGEOUS!! Anyone know if they are expensive?