Thursday, April 24, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - Top 3

Tuned in to Episode 15 of Malaysian Dreamgirl and I was real shock of the outcome in the end. This is the last elimination episode before the grand finale and three girls were sent home in this episode. It didn't turned out the way I expected.

Spoilers ahead....Don't scroll down if you haven't watched the episode yet
And the Top 3 in Malaysian Dreamgirl are:




From the 3 girls left in the show, I can't say they're undeserving but IMHO there're better girls among the final 6 girls.

Here's my take on who should have stayed on...

My first choice would be Jay. She's tall and her facial features are very defined and her body are to die for @_@ She's experienced and her pictures always turned out okay, if not superb. But her last photoshoot for Von Jolly was so-so, not her best...Nevertheless, her performance has been quite consistent throughout the competition and I really enjoy the fact that she has a mind of her own and a very matured and collected personality. And she carries herself very well and very well spoken too. That's why she's my top choice for Malaysian Dreamgirl, she got the whole package going for her.

The second choice would be Datin. Yup...she made it into the Top 3 and I'm glad she did. She have never been in the bottom 3 and it just goes to show that she have a very good group of supporters behind her. To me, she's pretty normal to tell you the truth. You could walk pass her and never know that she is Hanis. She's like the girl-next-door and just like people you see everyday in your life. You're unlikely to go "OH WOW" and be completely be mesmerized and having to pick up your jaw from the floor when you see her but maybe it's her bubbly personality that makes me root for her. But she earned good review from Andrew from Andrewsmodel (you'll know what I'm talking about if you've watched Ep15) so I hope she wins this.

My third choice would be Eyna. Yes yes...I know she's not in the Top 6 but I'd never thought her elimination was justifiable. Despite her great pictures and the high opinions everybody have of her, she'd been in the bottom 3 for a number of episodes before her untimely elimination. She takes great pictures and her facial features are good. To me, she got model material. I don't admit to be an expert in fashion and modelling and maybe my opinions have been swayed by opinions from other individuals but what the heck, she takes great pictures.

So here's MY top 3 Dreamgirls:




But what's done, done. So we'll see how things go in the finale.

I'm rooting for Hanis...What about you?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Way to go Nuffnang!!

The team in Nuffnang have launched a new fun feature for fellow Nuffnangers. It's the new Poll feature where you get to create your own poll and ask your readers some awesome/stupid/silly questions.

And according to the entry about this new feature in the Nuffnang blog, it's a smart poll where it can remember the correspondants answers they have answered from other blogs. So that means you don't have to answer the same stupid question over and over and over and over again.....

This is cool...I'd made a poll to experiment, so answer my poll ok?? ^_^

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Farnie Engrish

i received this email from my friend today and can't help laughing....

its blardy farnie and according to the title of the forwarded email, those pictures are taken in China as they are gearing up their preparation for the Beijing Olympics. LOL....

And if you're dead, please get to a hospital...

A difficult meal...

Other children are OK...

I think it was that 'screw you' comment...

Start with the big toe...

Are you smiling?

Well, it is free...

That would explain the beer cubs outside...

Flavor with heart...

Falling should be planned...

I told gramps to use protection...

Plenty of meat for everybody...

Got too many kids?


We really never know what kind...

I wouldn't dare...

One lump or two?

Thank you for open!

Translation: 'no parking on bicyclists at any time'

How do you do?

No crack?

The pool man is gonna freak

Yeah, cheated out of breathing...

Stylist Ben Dover at your service...

Operators standing by....

Damn, these fireworks reek....

Press it because you want to....

I'll keep a look out....

New in this section: 'Bowling with Bilbo'

I give my life and my company, but they just keep demanding more...

Based on the website url on the images, i decided to get a look and the website really do exist. and there's more funny pictures there.

The steaks here are like rubber... (Restaurant found in Kyoto, Japan)
Reminds me of the comment I left on kyspeaks (how do i trackback?)

So if you find these funny, go there and have some more laughs!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Mother Nature and the environment have been suffering following the era of globalisation and industrialisation. I'm not here to lecture you about all the things that you should avoid and the things that you can do to help the environment as I'm sure all of you know all about it but just too lazy to move your butt.

But what if there's a reward for taking part? From now until October (not too sure about this), there's a collaboration between WWF, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Nokia that allows individuals from all over the world to share their points of view, their thoughts and opinions about the environment. While you're at it, you even stand a chance of winning a Nokia phone!!

connect2earth is a global community set up by the collaborators to provide a space for people to share their thoughts about the environment and be a part of a community with a common goal, that is to conserve and save the environment.

You can post up pictures, videos, articles etc to the site and via voting and judging that is conducted every month, a lucky winner is selected. So get your thinking cap, cameras, microphones, video cams or just your yellow writing pad, start thinking and share your thoughts with the world.

Register at connect2earth and BE PART OF SOMETHING BIG!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - A taste of the real deal...

the girls from the Malaysian Dreamgirl finally gets a taste of the real deal. they were given a chance to do the runway walk during the launching of the Malaysian International Fashion Week. it's a big event for fashion designers in Malaysia where they get to showcase their work and designs on the runway.

the girls were given a chance to model clothes for Karl Ng and this is definitely their first big break in the fashion modelling industry. they get the exposure they need and this is such a big scale event with professional models and celebrities in abundance.

Jay and Hanis are the luckiest in the lot because they were chosen to model for another 3 designers during the show. so they get to go out on the runway for a total of 4 times! all of them look great on the runway and they put on a great show. as for Ringo, the way she puts it, it seems like she got short-changed because she got chosen to be Karl Ng's muse...i still don't understand why -__-"

the girls' latest photoshoot is modelling creations from Carven Academy of Fashion at the Bar Savanh Too at Plaza Mont' Kiara. looking at their pictures from this photoshoot, i don't think any of them did very well, just looks ok to me. and during the show, Nadia seem a bit stressed out and affected by the fact that she was in the bottom 3 during the last elimination round.


this angle is similar to last week, not too flattering


this shoot is ok but nothing special...


she has pouty lips and whole mysterious sexy thing going...


me likey her curves and the dress too...but i maybe biased coz i like Jay =P


her gaze and her eyes look a bit lifeless...i perfer her intense look better.


her face looks a bit puffy and this pic is not so nice >.<

what do you think? who's going to be eliminated next?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - The Top 6

just finish watching episode 11, the latest episode of Malaysian Dreamgirl. this episode is rather interesting as the production crew, host, and judges decided to take control of the whole situation that is starting to get out of hand in the Dreamhome and among the girls as well.

Heart to Heart Session

the girls had a heart-to-heart session with Elaine Daly and each and every one of them was given a chance to voice out their feelings, disappointment, frustration or the opinions that they have of the other 6 girls. Nadia got pretty emotional during the session and most of them said that she is way too emotional, dramatic and that she is always talking about herself. As for Ringo, she said she is depressed and this resulted in her keeping to herself in the Dreamhome, instead of mixing with the other girls. As for Jay, she voiced her feelings about some of the girls not helping out around the house and she specifically directed that comment to Cindy. Then it was Cindy's turn. after Cinday said her piece, the rest started to voice their opinions and feelings and Fiqa's and Nadia's comment just made me snigger:

Cindy's turn

Fiqa : You're loud, you're selfish.... (Good 1, straight to the point)
Nadia : Your words, your actions, the way you chew your food's really loud (this made me laugh)

Strangely, Fiqa's and Adeline's part was not shown and that part just ended so abruptly and I think Cindy was still talking. anyway, after that session, the production crew decided to shift all of the girls into one single room. maybe to avoid the controversy that happened previously, what with the girls from the other room overhearing conversation from the second room. i hope the girl decided to call truce, it will make their life there a lot easier.

the episode also covered a fitting session that they had for a runway show for mifa. i didn't what that stand for, so i ask my best net friend, Mr. Google. MIFA probably stands for Malaysia International Fashion Award or Malaysia International Fashion Alliance. Not too sure though. The designer (i'm assuming his name is Karl Ng because they keep showing that name but never really introduced him) was kinda strange tho. he was addressing the girls but he decided to face the camera and with the girls behind him -___-"

he has an inferior complex. he's not brave enough to face the girls :P (please don't sue me)

After the clothes fitting and a practice walk, he gave some comments about their performance and he chose one girl as his muse. Ringo got chosen but she doesn't seem really happy about it. she made it sound like it is such a negative thing and the reason she was chosen because the designer wanted the taller girls on the runway. i thought being an artist's muse is the highest honour they can give you. it means you become their source of inspiration and is it? please let me know if i get the meaning wrong @_@

Oh, and Nadia got a chance to go for a photoshoot to build her portfolio because she won the last fashion challenge. Hohum....nothing special for this part.

The final 2 parts as usual is reserved for the elimination round. Sazzy decided it's time to get serious and she lectured them and told the girls to step up and kept emphasizing the fact that this is a competition and not a walk in the park. Sazzy gave them a piece of her mind and she was giving some serious comments about of the girls' performance for the wella photoshoot.

and the girls at the bottom 3 are

Adeline, Nadia, Fiqa

Suprised to see Adeline and particularly Nadia. Nadia has been quite a hit in this show.

but finally the girl eliminated in this round is:

Fiqa saying goodbye

sad to see her go. she's an enjoyable person to watch. she has lots of things to say and she's not too pretentious. at least that is what i think.

the top 6

i guess the girls really have to step up their performance. only 6 girls are left and the stake is getting higher. the next episode will be their runway show for mifa.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

RM 1 !!!!!!


Look at this.

I made my first RM 1 in nuffnang!
I know RM1 may not be much and you can't really buy much with RM1 nowadays but this is the first RM1 I earned from blogging and I'm really really really proud of myself. Thank you Nuffnang for this pricelss RM1 (though I can't cash out yet) and also to those that have clicked on the ads on my blog.

Thank you so much *hugs and kisses*

My next aim...RM2 here I come and I'm gonna get that RM50 someday (^_^)v