Friday, April 18, 2008


Mother Nature and the environment have been suffering following the era of globalisation and industrialisation. I'm not here to lecture you about all the things that you should avoid and the things that you can do to help the environment as I'm sure all of you know all about it but just too lazy to move your butt.

But what if there's a reward for taking part? From now until October (not too sure about this), there's a collaboration between WWF, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Nokia that allows individuals from all over the world to share their points of view, their thoughts and opinions about the environment. While you're at it, you even stand a chance of winning a Nokia phone!!

connect2earth is a global community set up by the collaborators to provide a space for people to share their thoughts about the environment and be a part of a community with a common goal, that is to conserve and save the environment.

You can post up pictures, videos, articles etc to the site and via voting and judging that is conducted every month, a lucky winner is selected. So get your thinking cap, cameras, microphones, video cams or just your yellow writing pad, start thinking and share your thoughts with the world.

Register at connect2earth and BE PART OF SOMETHING BIG!!!

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