Sunday, April 13, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - A taste of the real deal...

the girls from the Malaysian Dreamgirl finally gets a taste of the real deal. they were given a chance to do the runway walk during the launching of the Malaysian International Fashion Week. it's a big event for fashion designers in Malaysia where they get to showcase their work and designs on the runway.

the girls were given a chance to model clothes for Karl Ng and this is definitely their first big break in the fashion modelling industry. they get the exposure they need and this is such a big scale event with professional models and celebrities in abundance.

Jay and Hanis are the luckiest in the lot because they were chosen to model for another 3 designers during the show. so they get to go out on the runway for a total of 4 times! all of them look great on the runway and they put on a great show. as for Ringo, the way she puts it, it seems like she got short-changed because she got chosen to be Karl Ng's muse...i still don't understand why -__-"

the girls' latest photoshoot is modelling creations from Carven Academy of Fashion at the Bar Savanh Too at Plaza Mont' Kiara. looking at their pictures from this photoshoot, i don't think any of them did very well, just looks ok to me. and during the show, Nadia seem a bit stressed out and affected by the fact that she was in the bottom 3 during the last elimination round.


this angle is similar to last week, not too flattering


this shoot is ok but nothing special...


she has pouty lips and whole mysterious sexy thing going...


me likey her curves and the dress too...but i maybe biased coz i like Jay =P


her gaze and her eyes look a bit lifeless...i perfer her intense look better.


her face looks a bit puffy and this pic is not so nice >.<

what do you think? who's going to be eliminated next?

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